Thursday, 8 November 2007

Oracle shows a little touch of Green

If you're concerned about the environment in general, you may be interested to note that Oracle is starting to show some touches of Green on their all mighty corporate Red colour scheme.

Firstly if you've downloaded the OOW Online Agenda and Show Guide, on page 10 you'll see a commitment to making the conference greener.

In addition, Oracle has published their We're good corporate citizens - so please buy another RDBMS license media release that among other things states:

1) (Oracle has) More than 20 energy conservation and "green" programs (which) have been adopted corporation-wide.

2) Oracle's Austin Data Center is a certified U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Green Power partner for its commitment to use a portion of power for renewable sources.

3) Oracle's energy management programs have reduced energy use at its headquarters by 25 percent per employee compared to 2000.

Nice to see Oracle is making steps in the right "green" direction and I hope they will increase their efforts. I'd love to hear directly from Oracle employees on any environmental initiative that Oracle is currently undertaking with real results.


Bit said...

Profit is the #1 driver for Oracle. If their stock value increases by appearing as 'greener' they will certainly do that. But it will be a while until it is truly done corporation wide.
Oh, and saving energy means saving costs, and increase profits ;)

Chris Muir said...

The corporate profit driver is obvious. My hope is by placing a little bit of pressure on corporations, by making it known that people are now watching and making decisions based around environmental issues, be it ever so small, hopefully we can make a difference by steering corporations in the right direction. Thus my post.

Mark Wilcox said...

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