Friday, 16 November 2007

Another OOW Unconference session worth checking out

My Unconference session at OOW yesterday went well, with only one minor database disaster during the presentation. It's not a live demo without at least one hiccup I guess. Anyway, I had fun and a few laughs, so here's to aceing the same presentation at the AUSOUG conference over the next few weeks. The Unconference sessions in my opinion have been a great idea and I hope we see the same program again next year.

In addition Marcel Kratochvil, Oracle PL/SQL Developer of 2004 from Oracle Mag, will be running an Unconference session today (Thursday) that will be worth checking out for its out-of-the-box nature: "A proposal for an open-source spam filter inside the Oracle database". Marcel has promised to demo his ideas..... I've the sneaking suspicion Marcel wants to use the Oracle database to take GMail on. Marcel is on at 3pm. If your feet are heavy and you're tiring of the normal OOW schedule, Marcel is always full of good challenging opinions so give his presentation a go. Otherwise check out some of his podcasts on PL/SQL at The Eternal Donut of the Soul.

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