JDev ADF links

The following is a list of links that are complementary to SAGE Computing Services JDeveloper training course units and provide excellent further reading for beginners in the ADF sphere.  All content linked remains under the explicit ownership of the original author and SAGE and myself take no responsibility for the content provided. If any author would like links to their content removed please let me know.

Unit 1 - JDeveloper Introduction

Short Cut Keys
Unit 10 - Implementing Validation

Entity Level - Rule Definitions tab

Groovy Expressions

Unit 11 - ADF Application Modules

Data Sources

Shared Application Modules


Unit 12 - ADF View Objects

View Criteria

Unit 16 - Java Server Faces

Bean Scope

Unit 20 - ADF Binding Layer

Unit 23 - ADF Input, Output, Command and Select Components

Select Controls


Unit 25 - Page Navigation and Unbounded Task Flows


Unit 26 - Page Layout, Templates and Skins

Page Layout


Unit 29 - Bounded Task Flows, Regions and Page Fragments

Managed Beans and pageFlowScope
  • See Unit 16 - Bean Scope
Task flows - parameters
Task flows - transactions
Contextual Events

Unit 30 - Data Visualization Components

Creating a Graph
Unit 31 - Deploying an ADF Application

Data sources
Unit 32 - Security

ADF Security

Profiling Applications
Extending JDeveloper
  • How to get started with the JDeveloper Extension SDK, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (Nick Haralabidis 21/03/2010)