Monday, 19 November 2007

New Oracle Mix development groups - Apex, Forms, JDev, SQL Dev

Oracle's new Oracle Mix site is enjoying an explosion of new users and shows potential for interesting times ahead in Oracle customer participation in the future of Oracle products.

I've taken the opportunity to create some new groups along the development lines, and I hope readers will join the groups to start pushing new ideas for the products:

Oracle Application Express (Apex)
Oracle Forms
Oracle JDeveloper
Oracle SQL Developer

In addition I've added the following RDBMS group:

Oracle Express Edition (XE)

Note participation requires membership of OTN.

I've also taken the chance to create a user group-group for the local Aussie chapter:

Australian Oracle User Group (AUSOUG)

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SwitchBL8 said...

Oracle MIX is great, but it should be open for developers (or any non verified customer) to open ideas. I am a long time Oracle user (developer, dba, whatever you want) but I'm not a customer so I can't enter ideas.

Chris Muir said...

Actually I think that's just a bug with the system. If you look at the confirmation email, there is actually 2 ways of confirming, and the 2nd one is for non Oracle customers. Unfortunately the 2nd one doesn't appear to work properly, but is aimed at people in your and my situation. Seems silly to be able to create groups but not create ideas, so I suspect it's just a bug.

I've lodged a query with Oracle AppsLab to see if we can get the situation rectified. If I remember I'll leave a comment here once I find out what's happening.


Jeffrey Kemp said...

Thanks for pointing to Oracle Mix, looks interesting.

Jake said...

For now, certain functions in Mix are limited to people with a formal relationship with Oracle, i.e. customers, partners, employees, etc.

In an unplanned Catch-22, the affected parties cannot create an idea or vote one up to remove this restriction. Honestly, this wasn't intentional.

Paul Gallagher from Tardate 11.1 created a question about this, so feel free to add your take to the comments, or drop me a note at jake dot kuramoto at oracle dot com with your thoughts.

Thanks for using Mix.