Wednesday, 24 October 2007

OOW Unconference - oh, me, me, me!

I've taken the chance to throw one of my presentations into the Oracle Open World Unconference ring and hopefully it'll be selected. You can check my session proposal on the Oracle Wiki:

Take a load off! Load testing your Oracle Apex or JDeveloper web applications

I note Andrejus Baranovskis has entered a JDeveloper paper too:

Oracle JDeveloper/ADF Real Life Story

....great to see a JDeveloper case study; more of these please Andrejus! I'm sure we're both very keen to meet our peers interested in JDeveloper too (assuming either of our sessions are selected of course ;) so please show your support if you can.

I think the Unconference is a great idea, giving lesser known mortals a chance to present something they're interested in at this mega-event. I must admit it's also an important learning opportunity on how to present in front of an American audience for myself; let's just say I need to learn to turn down some of my Australian colloquialisms ;)

I hope more attendees will take up this great opportunity, real users presenting real topics, it doesn't get much better than that.

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John Scott said...

Looks interesting Chris, I'll certainly try and catch it if gets selected.