Sunday, 14 October 2007

4 things I read more recently (about all things "developer" and "programmer")

4 things I read more recently about "developer stuff":
  • Cost of Developer Interruptions - having been a consultant at many customers' sites, I'm used to being stuck in all sorts of odd locations, including cupboards, hallways and kitchens. Mostly the environments are noisy, and interruptions are undoubtedly a productivity killer, especially to my Internet surfing. David Carr blog's about his observations on this issue.
  • Thirteen Patterns of Programmer Interviews - it would be funny if it wasn't so true -- I haven't had to undertake a serious interview for just on 7 years, having realised they're all a farce. Greg Jorgensen blogs at Typical Programmer the kind of joke interviews we all need to go through at some stage. Thanks to devizen for the original link.
  • Younger developers are better & faster? - apparently old people "learn dumber" at programming. Rey Bango asks should old programmers retire into management and let all the whipper-snappers take over the programming world? At 32 years my opinion is, um, ah, am I considered young or old? Dunno.

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