Friday, 19 October 2007

AUSOUG 2007 conference JDeveloper presentations

....logged under the "yes I'm an AUSOUG state committee member" department.

My first exclusive "you-heard-it-here-first" news post!

I'm happy to announce that Lynn Munsinger and Duncan Mills from Oracle will be presenting on JDeveloper at the Australian Oracle User Group (AUSOUG) conference in Melbourne and Perth respectively.

Last year Melbourne was very lucky to have Lynn present, and Lynn has decided to return again which is great news for everyone on the East Coast of Australia. For those who said to me they were impressed by what Lynn demoed last year, I'm pretty sure you haven't seen anything yet with the new JDev 11g release imminent, and these presentations straight from OOW.

For us West Coast Oracle developers, Perth is very privileged to have Duncan Mills, senior Principal Product Manager from Oracle, give us the low down on JDeveloper. Perth doesn't usually get to see such high caliber Oracle and Java speakers grace its fair shores. Do a little Google on Duncan Mills and you'll understand what I mean.

Given that I've seen zero JDeveloper presentations by local Aussie Oracle staff, this may be your only chance to see the latest for JDeveloper and ask the tough questions of very experienced Oracle staff. So make sure to sign up for this year's November conference in Perth or Melbourne, and I look forward to seeing you there.


Grant Ronald said...

Duncan will be too modest to point out but he now heads up the Product Management Group for JDeveloper, ADF and Forms.
So officially, he's the director of Product Management

Chris Muir said...

Ahha! Thanks Grants, I knew my info would be out of date. Thanks for the update.

Marc said...

I'm keen to check out JDeveloper 11g, especially in regard to its ESB capabilities. We are seeing some shortfalls in the exception/fault handling from DBAdapters in the current 10g version, and I was disappointed that all things ESB and BPEL was left out of the 11g tech preview.
Do you think Lynn will be covering things to that extent?

Chris Muir said...

The sessions Lynn are down for are mainly JDev ADF and ADF Faces related, no BPEL or SOA content as far as I know.

I also believe that's Lynn's main focus area at Oracle along with EJB's and JPA (don't quote me).

However from my experience last year you can approach Lynn directly during the conference, and she'll be more than happy to assist.

Generally when Oracle and elsewhere (and don't quote me again) refers to JDev, it applies to it's Java offerings (EJB, JPA, Toplink, ADF, JSF etc), and not the BPEL/SOA part. That comes under it's own area and marketing though it is integrated with JDev.

Your point about it being not included in the 11g TP really comes down to it's a separate product with it's own release schedule IMHO.

If you don't have any direct contacts at Oracle and would like assistance in contacting somebody working on the BPEL/SOA area directly, drop me an email on chrisDOTmuirATsagecomputingDOTcomDOTau, and I'll pass your contact details on.



Chris Muir said...

Ah, that's my confusion, here I was thinking you were talking about the Amiga User Group ;)

I don't have an address to email you at, so maybe you can email me at chriscmuirATgmailDOTcom.