Monday, 5 May 2008

JDeveloper: team development and version control tug-of-merge-war

For those who have used JDeveloper in a team based environment developing with ADF BC & Faces, you'd be familiar that there are a few essential files that become problematic in the supported version control systems. As an example under JDev 10.1.3 the ADF BC project's .jpr file is continuously touched while developers are modifying ADF BC objects, resulting in a file version control tug-of-merge-war on the .jpr file as it is copied back and forth from the file version repository on each developer's machine.

Thanks to Timo and Brenden (and the Geelong crew) recently on the OTN JDev forums, there was an interesting chat on their experiences on other files that cause similar issues. I refer you to the post to assist your understanding in the issues, as well as to add your own experience and solutions.

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