Thursday, 15 May 2008

Advert - So you want to be an "Advanced Oracle Developer"? (Perth - Australia)

For my local readers, SAGE Computing Services will be holding a 3 day Advanced Oracle Developer training workshop in Perth Australia July 1st-3rd.

In this course we will not only be looking at the latest SQL and PL/SQL techniques, but more importantly Oracle tuning skills that every Oracle developer and DBA should have in their programmer toolbelt.

This course will be ideal for any developers who are comfortable with SQL and PL/SQL but want to know more on how to make your applications "fly". This course would also be ideal for DBAs whose skills are getting rusty and worried that maybe the developers will know more then them!

More information about the 3 day course can be found here.

Please note we also send out a semi-regular newsletter advertising these types of training courses. If you'd like to join the newsletter mailing list, please email myself at chrisFULLSTOPmuirATsagecomputingFULLSTOPcomFULLSTOPau.

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