Thursday, 29 May 2008

BEA WebLogic vs OAS/OC4J: application redeployment

I had an interesting chat with Steve Button on the OTN OC4J Forum today that I thought others might be interested in, namely how to deal with the JEE redeployment issue of not bouncing the server and users on a new version of an application. An extract from the post:

"I'm currently researching solutions to JEE application redeployment, or more specifically when you want to update an existing deployed application on a JEE app server, how can you do so with minimal interruption to the users?

From my research on the internet I've found two approaches, one with the Oracle OAS camp, and another in the BEA Weblogic camp."

....for the rest of my post and Steve's reply, head here.


Tug said...

One of the question will be which one will be used for the "Oracle/Bea Appsever"... I like the Oracle way... but I am biaised since I used to be Steve Button team-mate...

The OTN Forum is not available right now and I cannot read the full thread.. donot know if the subject of the merge has been addressed :)


Chris Muir said...

Well, we could always start the rumour that Oracle is going to only support OAS for Forms/Reports, while all J2EE applications will move to the BEA solution ;) Nothing like a bit of mischief on a Friday afternoon.

As for the Forums, yes, very annoying at the moment, I have several threads going and I can't access any!