Tuesday, 13 May 2008

4 things I read more recently (Java vs .Net vs the world blah blah blah)

It's an old story that's going to continue in the IT industry for at least the next qwzillion years, the "my technology is better than yours blah blah blah" saga. Of course it makes for interesting reading. The following are posts generally related to Java and .Net:
  • In Defence of Java - Michael Kolling writes why he thinks Java was designed with a number of needed language compromises at the time, followed by the usual open flood gates on "Java-sucks-no-it-doesn't" blog comments.
  • J2EE Vs .NET : Are major development shops moving to .NET? - Meera Subbarao picks up the discussion about Java vs .Net, but attempts to skip the technology issue and instead look at industry trends, whether there is a full stampede towards .Net away from the Java arena. The conclusion: management could do with a slap.
  • Developer Spotlight: Hitting the Seam with Gavin King - Not so much an interview with Gavin King about Seam, but about his view on a whole lot of things happening in the Java arena and the challenges facing it.
  • The coming of .Net – Peter Bright has a rant how Microsoft's .Net had potential but missed the boat in tidying up Microsoft's operating system mess as well as providing a generally poor and inconsistent API set. Follow the whole multi-part series for some interesting reading on Apple.

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Noons said...

A bit old, but:


Everytime I have to use either j2ee or .net, I'm reminded it could be a lot worse: it could be Lotus Notes...