Sunday, 25 May 2008

3rd most popular OOW08 session!

On returning from running a training course in Adelaide South Australia I had a chance to go back to yesterday and check out how my proposed OOW08 sessions are going. I received a pleasent surprise finding that my session Back to basics: Simple database web services without an application server is at equal 3rd spot!

I'm pretty happy with this outcome; I thought a pragmatic database programmers presentation would be a good idea, and it's the sort of thing I prefer presenting on. Hopefully it will cut the mustard and Oracle will include it the OOW08 schedule. If it doesn't at least I know it's a popular topic given the votes and I can use this to propose the session at other conferences including user group events.

I also note local Aussie Richard Foote is currently in 5th place with Indexing Secrets With Richard Foote. That's a good turn out for the Australians.

If you haven't had a chance to vote on the OOW08 sessions listed at (registration required), head over to the site and help us create a conference driven by what the delegates want to hear and see!

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