Monday, 11 June 2007

My 15 minutes of fame - Oracle Regional Director

On my walk to work today I saw a great little quote in an art store:

"In the future everybody will have their 15 minutes of fame"

For me my 15 minutes has arrived today. Please ensure to stay on this page for an entire 15 minutes so I'm not short changed. I'll be checking my blog stats continuously so don't skimp me or there will be trouble :P

Oracle has kindly accepted my nomination for an Oracle Regional Director role. I'm appreciative of Oracle (and specifically to their staff -- you know who you are) for this. As I've expressed before, there are a large amount of individuals who don't work for Oracle and spend a large time promoting Oracle products and services, possibly through user group activities such as for myself, and other forums. Volunteering and working for user groups can be a thankless task; you really have to work for a simple thank you sometimes. So a little appreciation and recognition from another direction such as Oracle's efforts here go a long way (well, you sold me anyhow) into keeping things running.

The problem is now I've a reputation to live up to, given all the other great Regional Directors!


Patrick Wolf said...



Peter K said... Oracle only have Regional Directors for Fusion Middleware technologies only, eh?

tick-tock, tick-tock, waiting for 15 minutes to elapsed, tick-tock... ;)

John Stegeman said...

Hi Chris,

Congratulations - well deserved recognition.

Eddie said...

Congrats Chris and thanks for all your help.


Eddie Awad said...

Well deserved indeed. Congrats!

Brian Duff said...

Very well deserved :) Congrats. Many thanks for your contributions to JDeveloper's user community in particular, and all your valuable feedback on the 11g technology preview.

ben.h. said...

It only took me a minute to read the post, so I went back over a few times - just for you :)

Nathalie Roman said...

Congratulations, this is a true acknowledgement of Oracle to all the developers contributing to the Soa Community!

Brenden Anstey said...

Well done Chris, recognition well deserved!

Chris Muir said...

Thanks to all for the congratz.

I must admit being slightly silly for not realising the quote "In the future everybody will have their 15 minutes of fame" is from Andy Warhol.

Shows why I'm a computer nerd I guess?