Friday, 1 June 2007

The forgotten IDE? - JDeveloper

There is an interesting JDev OTN forum post at the moment. Jan Vervecken posed the question about why is JDeveloper "The forgotten Java IDE?" This question straddles all sorts of issues including the Java IDE wars, anti-Java-bias by non Java (read: Oracle) programmers, anti-Oracle/proprietary bias by Java programmers and so on.

There has been a substantial amount of views and responses including some from the Oracle JDeveloper team heavy weights and Oracle Regional Directors.

Worth a read & maybe your $0.02 worth too.

Thanks to Jan for discussing the issue.


Noons said...

Much better to leave it the silence and oblivion it deserves.

Maybe that way it will down on Oracle that the whole push for j2ee technology was fundamentally wrong and simply NO ONE is paying any attention to them.

Except of course the "evangelists" and the "product managers". But those are essentially inconsequential.

Wake up call anyone?
Narh, not smart enough to see it...

Chris Muir said...