Sunday, 17 June 2007

4 things I read more recently

The 4 following posts caught my eye more recently:
  • Is REST Winning? - last time I worked with Web Services, REST had just appeared on the radar. With my head in the JDeveloper ADF box more recently, I missed a whole discussion on WS vs REST. However it's good for once to come in at the tail end of the debate saving me some actual "thinking" about the whole issue on my part. Stefan Tilkov gives his thoughts instead in this post.
  • Uses of Pseudo Code in Development - my sweet point in coding is when I have to write a tricky routine, and need to resort to pseudo code to nut out the details. The challenge is made easier by the simple technique of pseudo code, a dry run of coding if you will without the constraint of whatever language you're using. It still surprises me I don't see more coders (read: any) using this technique. Nick Halstead gives a good summary and pointers on this .

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