Thursday, 14 June 2007

Across the Nullarbor with a taste of Java

Mid July I'll be driving the 3430kms from Melbourne to Perth for, well, um, I'm not sure, but it'll be an interesting drive across the Nullarbor. The drive across from east to west is seen as a bit of right of passage for Australians, only being bettered by driving around the whole country.

The Nullarbor trip is certainly something you want to do once. Huge expanses of nothing. You have to drive it to experience it, or so I'm told. Driving it twice or more, given its renown for being just a tad monotonous, shows that maybe you just don't have much going on in your life ;)

In between dodging kangaroos, overtaking road trains, and paying through the nose for petrol, the South Australian branch of the Australian Oracle User Group (AUSOUG) has asked me to stop over in Adelaide and present on Java at their monthly meeting Wednesday July 18th. I'll be running with the popular presentation I ran at the AUSOUG Perth conference last year and that at the NZOUG conference earlier this year:

All you (ever) needed to know about Java - a 2hr Java introduction for the not-so feint-hearted. This presentation is aimed at PL/SQL programmers and DBAs who want to quickly discover that the Java language isn't really that hard regardless of what moaning you've heard elsewhere, and why it's important to know something about Java even as an Oracle expert.

This presentation is normally part of Sage Computing Services' JDeveloper 5 day workshop that we teach to clients in Australia. Previous attendees have admitted they learned more about Java in this workshop than in all their previous struggles to come to terms with the language.

If you're interested in attending contact the AUSOUG SA committee members (their details are accessible via the AUSOUG website). I look forward to seeing you there.

(With thanks to Yewenyi for releasing the Nullarbor photo on Flickr under CC)

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