Saturday, 20 September 2008

OOW08 Day -2: Jet lag = 1, OOW = 0

14,726 kms later (9,150 miles) I've touched down in San Fran for OOW08. Once again the epic battle between jet lag and OOW rages on. Today jet lag definitely wins with no sign of sleep on the plane. However over the next week the excitement of OOW will throw itself at jet lag, and we'll see who comes out triumphant.

All in all a rather silly post to let others at OOW know I've arrived and keen to catch up, so drop me an email.

Oh, and if anybody would like to recommend a good coffee joint San Fran downtown besides the usual franchises please let me know. Is it even possible to get a "flat white" in the USA?

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Patrick said...

Blue Bottle Coffee Company does some great coffees. You have to go to the store and appreciate the interesting way of making coffee. (66 Mint St. (corner of Jessie), San Fran)

They also have a stall at the Wharf market on Saturday at the end closest to the Bay Bridge.