Friday, 5 September 2008

How to convince others to adopt ADF & JDeveloper

Thanks to efforts on the ADF Methodology Google Group, I'm happy to announce that we've published a page on the Oracle Wiki entitled How to convince others to adopt ADF & JDeveloper.
This page is a colloboration of the group's members of which I'd like to thank for their kind efforts.

For those interested, the following blurb gives you an idea of what's covered in the Wiki page:

In attempting to convince others to adopt ADF, a brief-and-to-the-point discussion on the salient points of ADF are key. However care needs to be given to focusing on the needs, concerns and skillsets of the audience as much as the features to successful sell ADF & JDeveloper. The following [page] expresses bullet-point ideas to convince Oracle Forms Programmers, Java programmers, and management to adopt ADF & JDeveloper at their organisation.

The page then goes on to cover:
  • How to convince "Oracle Forms programmers" to adopt ADF & JDeveloper
  • How to convince "management" to adopt ADF & JDeveloper
  • How to convince "Java programmers" to adopt ADF & JDeveloper

I hope you find the contents interesting and useful in convincing others to adopt ADF & JDeveloper.


thierry said...

how to convince an Apex developer to adopt ADF&JDeveloper?

Chris Muir said...

(Apologies for not posting your comment early, it slipped into my spam box for some reason?)

Where do I start?:

* A dedicated rich desktop IDE rather than a clunky Web IDE
* Proper integration of version control software
* Support for multiple version control software systems
* Automated unit testing built in
* End to end development framework
* ADF BC ORM most closely related to Oracle Forms Blocks/Items
* Declarative framework taking away need to code in all instances
* Built on non-proprietary language
* Applications deployable to non-Oracle platforms
* Capable of building web applications & desktop applications
* Full support for SOA, not just web services

... and so on ...

We decided not to include that in the original discussion as it's been covered before, especially on my blog, and articles published in User Group magazines.