Monday, 29 September 2008

ADF Methodology Group post OOW08

Now that I'm flying back from OOW08, I've a chance to pen a few words about the ADF Methodology Group at the Unconference.

I was very privileged to be a part of the first live ADF Methodology Group meeting. As blogged by Sten and Avrom, we were very lucky to have 40 odd people turn up to help contribute to the first meeting, including day-to-day expert ADF programmers, Oracle ACEs and ACE Directors, and Oracle staff themselves. Thanks to everyone who attended, beginners and experts alike, and those who contributed directly and indirectly.

The success of any such group is always a sum of the great contributions from the parts, and there was enough active discussion to let us know what we're doing is going to help each other and new people to the group in running successful ADF projects. While the OTN Forums are great for talking about technical facilities, solving bugs and understanding JDev + ADF features, there's far more to discuss in order for an ADF project to succeed, and this is where the ADF Methodology Group fits in. What's the best way to test an ADF app, what infrastructure do you need, what should be part of your estimates, and so on.

I encourage anyone who is interested in JDeveloper and ADF to join the Google Group to discuss these sort of high-level discussions beyond the pure technical that all parties need in adopting new technologies, and to put effort into the Oracle Wiki page for the benefit of all.

We're already talking about holding our next meeting at the ODTUG conference next year, and hopefully we'll see even more attending the OOW session in 2009, including yourself.

Thanks again to all for your great efforts.

Phew, now I'd better go and do some paying work ;-)

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