Thursday, 3 January 2008

Steven Feuerstein "down under"

For those "down under" in Australia who appreciate Steven Feuerstein PL/SQL offerings, Steve will be presenting in both Sydney and Melbourne for Quest Software on the 17th and 21st of January respectively.

It's a shame Steve can't make it to other Australia cities after coming all this way, but Oracle doesn't sell any licenses outside of Sydney and Melbourne anyhow, so it would be a pointless exercise I guess.

Feel free to wear *all* your Toad gear for the event too. I know I have 3 Toad hats, 7 Toad t-shirts, 4 Toad boxer shorts, 2 pairs of Toad socks.......

Check out the event and registration details here.

Disclaimer: this has nothing to do with AUSOUG. I just thought some local readers would like to know.


Steven Feuerstein said...

Thanks for spreading the word, Chris.

I would have LOVED to get over to Perth, but my schedule is fairly tight...Singapore to Sydney to Melbourne to Auckland -- and then what I will MOST want to do is go back home...

But what you could do is put on all your Toad gear, take a picture and send it to me, and I will share it with all attendees...


Chris Muir said...

No worries Steve. No point you coming all this way and people missing the chance to see you.

Also not to worry, I was just being facetious about the city thing. Constant battle to get people over to Perth, so might as well make a joke about it.

As for photos of me in my Toad gear, I'm still trying to live down the photos of me wearing my Oracle ACE gear that are circulating the internet, so I'll take a rain cheque this time if you don't mind ;)