Monday, 28 January 2008

Readers: why not introduce yourself?

My webcounter on this blog reveals many returning readers from around the world located in all sorts of interesting places, but they all remain pretty nameless besides their IP address (hi!).

I'd love some of my readers to leave a comment of where they're from, what they do, and their general interests.

Hopefully such a request will receive a couple of responses otherwise I'm going to look a little lonely ;)


The Peaceful Programmer said...


I've been reading your blog for a bit, but I'm definitely not as seasoned as the rest of the group.

I'm a college student in northern Minnesota (USA). I am interning with a utility company, and programming in JDev with ADF/JPA.

I'm trying to understand Oracle a bit more every day, but it's tough. I'm glad there are some great bloggers, yourself strongly included, to help walk me through some of the harder bits.

Tony said...

Hi Chris

I'm from Brisbane Queensland, my interests on the technical side are Java, Groovy, Test Driven Development and Rich Internet Applications.

My interests on the non-technical side are music, bushwalking, family, cooking and older bmw motorbikes

Tony Obermeit

jomomomo said...

Greetings from the other side of the rock. :-)

I'm a DBA at a regional mid western university, though sometimes I feel more like an ERP-babysitter (we use Sungard Banner).

I'm subscribed to your blog via the feed at -- usually check out all of the blogs once a week or so using the amazing google reader.

Much enjoyed the OID Performance tuning post -- good stuff.

Michael Easter said...

Originally from Canada, I work in St Louis, in the midwest USA as a software consultant.

My interests are Java and many of the new "JVM Tunnelers" such as Groovy, Scala, etc. That said, my favourite language is Python.

In my experience, it is very difficult indeed to get a decent percentage of people to comment/interact on a blog, even with open invites.

Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Chris,

You already know me ;-)

Dimitri Gielis,
Apex Evangelist,
from Belgium...

Nigel said...


Just 'cos you live in the most remote city in the world doesn't mean you can't have readers...

I'm UK based, working with (sometimes in) Oracle since 1982. More on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Administering Oracle Application server and the database in the Netherlands and, who knows, in Australia some day :)

Ontario Emperor said...

OK, here goes. I'm from Ontario, California; I work as a product manager for a Fortune 500 company; and I like long walks on the-whoops, wrong profile....Interests are wide-ranging, including technology, business, sports, religion, and intersections between these and other subjects.

(I don't know if I'm classified as "unidentifiable," since I've only been using this handle for the last ten years.)

carlos said...


i am carlos orrego from chile

i develop

and i am the owner of


Patrick Wolf said...

Hi Chris,

here comes some information of one of your readers, so that you don't feel so lonely :-)

I'm from Vienna, Austria where it isn't as warm now as in Australia, but at least we have some snow in the mountains to go skiing.

As you may know I'm running the Inside Oracle APEX Blog.

It's always interesting reading your postings.
PS: I'm having some problems with FF and the comment popup -> it's not centered. Maybe you should disable the comment popup. IE works.

Gary Myers said...

Gary Myers. Originally from the UK, but now in Sydney, Australia. 12 years (or so) Oracle development experience with PL/SQL, Forms and a small bit of Apex.

Marc said...

Hi Chris,
Marc Thompson checking in from Melbourne, Australia.
I have a Forms/PLSQL developer background and am moving into the realms of JDev/ADF.
Still reading your blog; always something interesting to read.

Scott Wesley said...

G'day Chris!

You know me, but to your world-wide readers I've been an Oracle developer since 2000 who is keenly interested in all the nooks and crannys of the developer's perspective of the database. As you know I'm tempted to start my own blog!

Two definitive outside interests are all forms of pool (8-ball, billards, snooker...) and a well balanced budo (martial arts).

Oh, and my kids ;-)

Scott Wesley.

Seb said...

Hi Chris,

I'm from New-Caledonia which is 3 hours far from Australia. I've just came back from Sydney where I've spent a nice week holiday :)
Of course I'm interested in all Oracle related topic especially Fusion Middleware with a primary focus on JDeveloper&ADF. I've managed to make them become the standards in my previous work - the benefits are coming along nicely now.


CodeWizard said...

Hello from Edmond, Oklahoma, USA. I enjoy browsing your work from time to time.