Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Jonathan Lewis "down under"

To continue my down under series, this time I'm happy to report to my huge Australian reader base (hi Mum!) that Jonathan Lewis will be visiting Australia on an Eastern States roadshow during March.

I figure that most people know already from Jonathan's own blog. However while teaching JDeveloper today one of my students pointed out no other Australian Oracle bloggers post about Australian Oracle events, so it might as well be me. I can't find this event on Oracle's own, so consider this a public service announcement ;)

In other Oracle Australian news, Oracle has discovered that they have in fact sold Oracle licenses to at least several organisations in Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide, and are considering sending the next speaker to anywhere besides Melbourne and Sydney in recognition that neither city are the center of the Universe.

1 comment:

Scott Wesley said...

But isn't Sydney the capital of Australia, I thought visitors had to go there...

Besides, we all know Redwood Shores is the centre of the universe.