Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Post Xmas JDeveloper gift - training license restriction lifted

Oracle has been kind enough to give another small JDeveloper gift, just a tad late for Christmas. Grant Ronald has kindly advised me that Oracle has removed the "[You may not] - use the programs to provide third party training" restriction from JDeveloper's license conditions.

This change currently applies to the production release of JDeveloper, specifically It does not apply to the 11g TP3 release as this is a beta product. I'm advised once 11g goes gold (production) this same exemption will apply.

Check it out for yourself on the download page by selecting the license agreement hyperlink. A direct link to the license agreement is here.

The significance of the relaxation of this specific license restriction is that it now puts JDeveloper on equal footing to Oracle Express Edition (XE) and Oracle Application Express (APEX). This may stir up enterprising training organisations to deliver JDeveloper workshops around the world much like the APEX Evangelist crew. And yet again it shows how Oracle has broken its traditional mold and is offering all these tools for (near) free. I've no complaints with that. I like free.

As a disclaimer my employer SAGE Computing Services an Australian Oracle training company offers a 5 day JDeveloper 10.1.3 ADF training course, as well as 1 day overview training course, both of which I'm the author of. No doubt you can see why I'm interested in this license change.

Thanks to Grant Ronald with his assistance on this post, and letting me pull his ear.

+1 pint for Grant ;)


Anonymous said...

Please use Christmas rather than Xmas.

Chris Muir said...

How about you don't post anonymously and give me a reason why?

I used Xmas in this case because:

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Feel free to start your own blog and title every post "Christmas".

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