Wednesday, 4 July 2007

4 things I read more recently

Yet another list of 4 things I read more recently:
  • Ruby (on Rails) vs the world - Ruby and RoR confused me for sometime as there just didn't seem to be any negative publicity. I'm a solid believer in there is no golden chalice in software development, so I viewed the RoR advocacy with a fairly skeptical eye -- I'm not arguing Ruby or RoR isn't great, but technology is at its best when the marketing remembers to include the "not so good bits". Seems Ruby and RoR has been getting a bit of hard going over more recently from Joel, and in turn a reply from the Oracle AppsLab blog. Reminds me of the Apex vs JDev argument I (accidentally) started sometime back.
  • The Cyclists - having lived in Melbourne Australia for the last few years, I'm an avid bicycle rider thanks to the hellish car-traffic mess that means travel by car or tram is slower thank bike in the inner city, and backed up in my general interest in all things to do with the environment. On a less serious note this YouTube video made me chuckle and reminded me that cyclists can be a fairly arrogant bunch -- me included (Original post thanks to Treehugger).

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