Sunday, 8 July 2007

Oracle blog aggregators

For the last few days it appears the Oracle blog aggregator has been down (or at least I can't connect?). This initiated a personal search for other aggregators, and I can't say I found that many, but thought I'd post the results and see if anybody has any feedback on aggregators they use instead.

Specifically to Oracle there are the following services:
Following my interests in all things Java, and branching across from Oracle into the JDeveloper and Java world's are the following services:
  • - much more a Java blog aggregator than an Oracle aggregator, but many of the JDev bloggers appear here.
Are there any other Oracle aggregators that you regularly use?


shay said...

There is the one on
(on the right side).

Anonymous said...

Umm, what about the official one, (or even better,

Chris Muir said...

Thanks, missed the 2 most important ones. Regards the link, any idea who we contact to be added to the aggregator? I can't see an appropriate link on the page.