Monday, 16 July 2007

My top 8 JDeveloper technical blog entries

I'm in the process of moving houses, states and family in Australia so time is just a little limited at the moment. This presents a great time to post a little re-hash of my blog and the top technical JDeveloper blog entries as ranked by my web counter, giving new readers a chance to look at some of my older material:
  1. Using multiple faces-config.xml files in JSF
  2. Back to programming: Programmatic ADF Faces Tree component
  3. Some explicit language about implicit EL objects
  4. Don't constrain yourself: displaying alternative database constraint error messages with ADF BC
  5. Bah! What is JBO-35007?
  6. Handy JDeveloper utility: the Http Analyzer
  7. JDeveloper and the art of the rollback
  8. I rest my case: Converting ADF BC EO/VO attributes to upper and lower case with custom properties
Of all the articles definitely the multi faces-config.xml files page gets the most hits each day, mostly from Google searches.

Happy reading..... and I intend to start posting again once I've driven to the other side of this big brown country of ours.

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