Thursday, 12 August 2010

A new EMG chapter - SOA-BPM EMG

Frequent readers of this blog will be familiar with the ADF EMG, a place for ADF enthusiasts to discuss ideas in the ADF space beyond the technical issues posted on the OTN Forums. In March this year the EMG moderators were happy to announce the opening of a new EMG chapter, the OBIEE EMG. We're now....

.... excited to announce that a 3rd EMG chapter has opened initiated by Lonneke Dikmans and her team of volunteers, entitled the SOA-BPM EMG. You guessed it, this is the place to go to discuss concepts around SOA and BPM offerings from Oracle, including issues around design, methodology, architecture and much more.

I encourage anybody interested to join the SOA-BPM EMG today.

I wish Lonneke and her team good luck in setting up this new group.

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lonneke said...

Chris, thanks for helping me setting up the group and plugging it like you have done. I think having a 'brand' for a community like proves to be very powerful: we already have 30 members in two days!