Wednesday, 12 March 2008

An open invite to present in Perth take 2

Last September I posted An open invite to present in Perth, inviting Oracle speakers to drop me an email if they were interested in presenting to the local AUSOUG Western Australian members.

The fruition of this post arrived last night with Chris Spierings from Oracle@Queensland presenting on "10046 Trace File Primer for Developers and DBAs". Thanks to Chris for making the trip all the way over here, though I'm a little suspicious he laid all performance problems of the database at the developers' feet.

I'd like to reopen my invitation to my readers to present in front of our local Oracle members. Unfortunately yes, Perth is a qwzillion miles from anywhere, but that's also its charm (besides the Margaret River region of course).

If you're interested I can be contacted at chrisdotmuiratsagecomputingdotcomdotau (replacing the "dot" and "at" with the appropriate symbols). We hope to hear from you soon.

Next month we're lucky enough to have Connor McDonald presenting again on 10g New Features for Developers.


The Human Fly said...

Hello Chris,

I would like to present 'Simulating Active Standby on 10g' topic. I did send a email to the given id, however, if you don't get, please do contact me on

Gary Myers said...

Your blog says Connor is doing 10G New Features but the AUSOUG web-site says 11g New Features.

Chris Muir said...

What's 1 between friends?