Tuesday, 18 March 2008

New Aussie Oracle blogger take 2

There must be something in the water down here (or maybe the lack of it) because all I seem to be doing recently is blogging about Aussies in Oracle-land (and I know I've another Aussie post coming).

I'm happy to have the scoop that Marcel Kratochvil, Oracle ACE, Oracle Magazine PL/SQL Programmer of the Year, and all round Oracle over achiever from Canberra Australia has started a blog on Oracle related content, his speciality being multimedia (and PL/SQL of course).

I'm sure there's some story behind why the blog's name is the Eternal Donut, but with Marcel, a lot of us learn "don't go there" ;)

Good luck to Marcel and his blogging adventures.

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Noons said...

oh great:
another blog to the watch list!...