Friday, 28 March 2008

Call for papers: Australian Oracle User Group conference

For those interested the Australian Oracle User Group (AUSOUG) has announced their call for papers for the 2008 conference series. This year the series will run in Perth 6th/7th October and Gold Coast (just south of Brisbane) 13th/14th October 2008.

Of course those who have read this blog enough will know that I think Perth is the jewel of the southern hemisphere, and I wouldn't recommend visiting the Gold Coast because it's full of mud! Take your pick ;)

The conference web page gives more details about the event, and the Speaker and Papers Submission page the details required to submit a paper.

Also can you do me a favour please? If you submit a presentation or end up registering to attend the event because of what you read on this blog, please leave a comment. I'm interested to know if advertising such events on this blog actually draws any additional speakers and attendees.

Here's to seeing you in Perth, and maybe brown-muddy Gold Coast in 2008 :)

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