Saturday, 8 September 2007

Drowning in Oracle blog aggregators

Have you ever wanted to merge all the separate Oracle RSS aggregators into one, and subscribe to the merged feed?

Lazytom's FeedJumbler provides such a service, where you can list a number of RSS feeds, and FeedJumbler will publish a single RSS/Atom which you may subscribe to instead.

This has been a godsend for myself, having nearly drowned in Oracle aggregator feeds more recently. The FeedJumbler site feed makes it very easy to see duplicate entries and only read what I need to.

Now, if I could only find another RSS service that eliminates duplicates from a feed, I'll have 100% perfection.


LewisC said...


I use Yahoo Pipes. You can set up your feed and run it through a filter (called a union) that gets rid of dupes. Actually, it's the only aggregator I use now. I just run all of my feeds through it and and read that feed.


Gary Myers said...

What I'd like is a reader that can take an aggregated feed and filter out, based on keywords or poster, the posts I'm not interested in.

Eddie Awad said...

You may find Yahoo Pipes very useful and powerful. It does merge and eliminate duplicates and much more.

Chris Muir said...

Thanks Lewis and Eddie, I'll check out Yahoo Pipes.

Gary, if I remember correctly, Feedburner is an RSS reader that has the ability to setup "watches" for keywords on posts, which will filter on the "watches" you specify. As you mention though, you want an exclusion watch facility, and I'm not sure Feedburner has a "not" facility with the watches you create. Might be worth while checking it out though.


Eddie Awad said...

ZapTXT is a service that lets you watch RSS feeds for certain keywords. I wrote about it last year in a post titled: You Don’t Have to Use an Aggregator to Keep Track of Your Favorite Topic.