Sunday, 2 September 2007

AUSOUG Conference 2007 presentations accepted

For the local Aussie readers, I'm excited to announce my presentation has been accepted for the 2007 AUSOUG conference in Melbourne and Perth both in November.

In order to drum up an audience that doesn't just include my Mum, here's some details of my presentation. I hope to see you at the conference.

Take a load off! Load testing your Oracle Apex or JDeveloper web applications

"Geeeez, after demanding you unit test, system test, black box test, white box test, test-test-test everything, your manager is now demanding you load and stress test your brand spanking new Oracle web application. How on earth can you do this? .... and stop your manager from nagging?

This technical presentation will explain the concepts behind preparing for load and stress testing, the Http protocol's request/response model, and live demonstrations using Oracle's Http Analyzer and Apache's JMeter to stress test your Oracle web application.

The presentation is suitable for anybody, be it DBAs or developers, who are concerned about the performance of any web based application, possibly an Apex or JDeveloper or 3rd party web application. Knowledge of Apex or JDeveloper is not mandatory for this presentation and will not be covered in any depth. "


Doug Burns said...

I wish I could leave one of those 'see you there' comments, but it's unlikely.

Still, might see you there in future ...

Hope it goes well.

Jeffrey Kemp said...

Hi Chris, looking forward to hearing this one. Also looking forward to hearing your take on the Oracle dev tools debate :)

Oracloid said...

I've got couple presentation in Melbourne as well so if everything goes as planned - 'see you there'.