Thursday, 3 May 2007

Canberra ACTOUG JDeveloper demonstration

For those readers in Canberra Australia, the ACT Oracle User Group (ACTOUG) has invited me to present a 1 day demonstration of Oracle's JDeveloper 10.1.3, focusing on ADF Business Components and ADF Faces, on the 17th May. As I'm always keen to support local Oracle user groups and the Oracle community, I readily agreed to show how simple JDev is for web application development.

More details regarding the presentation are below. If you're interested in attending please head to the ACTOUG website to retrieve the registration details. Hope to see you there.

Taking the J out of Oracle JDeveloper - web page development without the fear of Java

Scared of JDeveloper because you don't know Java, but dying to develop Oracle web applications? Fear not! Let the ACT Oracle User Group introduce you to JDeveloper web development without a single line of Java! In this 1 day presentation Chris Muir from Sage Computing Services will introduce you to the beauty of JDeveloper's drag 'n' drop, wizard and editor IDE for quickly developing a web application using ADF Business Component and ADF Faces.


Morning session:

  • Introduction to JDeveloper and the Application Development Framework (ADF)
  • JDeveloper installation and creating a database connection
  • Creating an application workspace and projects
  • Using the ADF Business Components from Table wizard
  • Adding Entity Object business default values, formatting and validation rules
  • Adding View Object SQL calculate attributes and bind variables

Afternoon session:

  • Introduction to ADF Faces and the binding layer
  • Creating JavaServer Faces web pages, read only tables, editable input forms and master-detail pages
  • Implementing page navigation rules
  • Enhancing your web pages

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