Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Boost your productivity with JDev 11g's new faster "Red" IDE

Thanks to Brian Duff I've happily discovered we can now all experience JDeveloper in our favourite colour scheme. Thanks to the Tools -> Preferences -> Environment -> Theme option we have a relative rainbow of colour schemes to choose from under the JDev 11g preview edition.

If you run JDev 11g under the Sky Red theme your productivity will increase by no less than a guaranteed 3.824% according to the new 11g documentation. Rumours are that at this year's San Fran OOW the JDev team will announce a new "Racey Red" colour scheme that will boost programmer productivity by a minimum 12.66%.

Nice work on the Swing themes JDev team!


Chris Muir said...

Dum-de-dum, appears this was available in 10.1.3.x as well. Amazing what happens when you have a look around ;)

Brian Duff said...

It's true - the color schemes have been around since 10.1.3. What's new in 11 is a theme (skin) engine, which lets you go even further than just changing the colors - you can customize the whole look and feel of JDeveloper just by creating image files. There's documentation on this in the ide/themes directory inside the product install. You can also pick apart, or modify the ide/themes/fusionblue.jar, which is the default theme.