Friday, 25 May 2007

AUSOUG Victoria - Connor McDonald is in town

The following is blatant advertising for a local Australian Oracle User Group Victorian/Melbourne event to my local readers.

For 4th June 2007 we have lined up Connor McDonald, one of the world renowned Oracle speakers to present at our next educational seminar. As far as we're concerned we shouldn't have to sell Connor because your feedback from when we last heard him present in Melbourne says you think he is one of the best Australian Oracle presenters of all:

  • Excellent, Connor delivered a difficult topic beautifully
  • Great presenter
  • This chap really hits the spot. Professional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic!
  • Good as always
  • Excellent! and very entertaining
  • Very entertaining & informative approach to technical topics
Maybe you're not yet convinced? Well Connor's credentials should sell you. Connor is a member of the Oaktable, an author of 2 Oracle books "Mastering Oracle PL/SQL: Practical Solutions" and "Oracle Insight: Tales of the OakTable", an award winning speaker at our 2006 + 2005 AUSOUG/OAUG conferences, best speaker at the 2005 UKOUG annual conference, 2nd most popular speaker at OOW 2003, and best speaker at the UKOUG 2002 conference.

If you're a developer or DBA, and you're going to attend an Oracle event in June, make sure this is it. To attend this event you must submit the following registration form along with AU$55 (inc GST) payment for members, and AU$110 (inc GST) for non-members.

Date: Monday 4th June
Time: 8:30am Start - 12:30pm Finish
Presenter: Connor McDonald,
Venue: Cliftons, Lvl 1, 440 Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia

Connor will present the following topics:

The evolution of SQL and PL/SQL

Peruse through a version 8, 9 or 10 database application and typically you'll find that the SQL and PL/SQL code could just as easily have been written, compiled and run against a version 7.3 database. Perhaps the developers wanted to ensure backward compatibility, but a more probable reason is failure to embrace and take advantage of the myriad of improvements that have been implemented in SQL and PL/SQL over the last 10 years. This presentation takes a look at how PL/SQL and SQL have evolved since version 7.3 - and why it is the responsibility of all Oracle developers to keep up to date.

Moving data quickly

We've all been there. We've got a shedload of data "here", and we need to move it "there"... And of course, it's got to go from "here" to "there" as quickly as possible. This presentation gives an introduction to the various ways Oracle offers to load, read and modify large volumes of data quickly, and the pros and cons of each.

Re-orgs and rebuilds: regular, redundant or really bad idea?

Just like a gardener can always find something to do in the garden, the average DBA just loves to reorg things. There is always the feeling that a little tinkering here and there will always be better than just leaving a database to its own devices. This presentation focusses on assessing the motivation for regular reorganisations of tables, and the associated rebuilds of indexes. What are the true costs of reorgs? Should you be doing them at all? Are there any features in version 9i and 10g that change things?


Anonymous said...

It should be 2007 not 2006

Chris Muir said...

Oops, so it should. That's what happens when you don't have an editor :(

Niall said...

Connor isn't one of the best Australian presenters. He's one of the best in the world. If you are in town, you shouldn't miss him.

Chris Muir said...

Thanks Niall. Actually I wanted to make that claim but was afraid I'd get cut down.... it's possible to be accused of being a touch arrogant in making such claims on your own blog ;) However given your support I hope others will appreciate the quality of Connor's presentations! We're very happy to have him.

Mind you, strictly speaking, Connor is also Australian :)



Niall said...

I thought all australians claimed to be the best in the world automatically - at least my aussie friends told me after the last Ashes tour :(

Cricket aside, Connor has significantly stepped up the standard expected of Oracle presentations world wide - top level knowledge and a fantastically engaging and entertaining style, honestly it's enough to make you sick sometimes.