Monday, 2 April 2007

Oracle Aussie & APAC Unbreakable Linux action - media reports regards Oracle's local success & failures

For the Aussie and APAC readers, it appears Derek Williams, the chairman and exec VP for Oracle Asia Pacific (APAC) and Japan, and Brian Mitchell, senior VP for Oracle APAC, have the ear of some local reporters, as there were a number of posts regards local Oracle activity today, including the success/failure of Unbreakable Linux in the local market.

I can't quite work out if the reports are a source of a media release, or which news service has syndicated who, however the reports are none the less are interesting because they're local.
The following are referring posts that link back to ZDNet's articles but include some minor further discussion:
There's also one other report regards APAC Oracle activity:
Does anybody else have an online source of local Aussie and APAC Oracle activity?


Steven Deare said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for reading. The 'Oracle yet to tip Red Hat' story came from a teleconference with Brian Mitchell, as stated in the story ("As part of its third quarter earnings report", "Mitchell said during a conference call").

For the other two stories, obviously we spoke to Opes directly.

Builderau is a sister site of ZDNet Australia and cross-publishes our news stories.

Hope that answers your questions.

Chris Muir said...

Thanks for the heads-up Steven. Keep up the good work, very much interested in hearing other Australian & APAC Oracle activities beyond the purely technical.