Tuesday, 17 April 2007

AUSOUG/OAUG Australia 2007 Call for papers

Of course if you love cold weather, warm beer, and think the Queen is a hottie, the UKOUG 2007 conference is the Oracle event to present at this year, during the bleak and horrible weather experienced by the Northern Hemisphere in December. Yeeeeeeeeeees-sir-e, I believe due to global warming even Oracle's own Open World San Fransisco conference is advising delegates to bring snow shoes and a double wind proof jacket this year.

Mind you, if you think global warming should actually entitle you to warm weather at an Oracle conference, you enjoy a cold beer or 2, you like to present in a country that fence-sits by having a monarch and being a (near) republic, why not head south this year to sunny, lovely, balmy & dry (did I mention dry?) Australia, for the 2007 conference in November? (Besides the fact it's a 16 hr flight from anywhere of course, including New Zealand).

This year the Australian Oracle User Group (AUSOUG) and Oracle Applications User Group is running with its two Australian city Oracle conference series again:
  • Perth 20th/21st November
  • Melbourne 26th/27th November
And remarkably given the hard work by the AUSOUG staff the call for papers is already out, with a deadline of the 4th June.

So if you like presenting up close and personal with local members, rather than the hordes at the Northern Hemisphere events, why not consider Australia's fair shores for a bit of, um, well, you can tax deduct it too can't you? And bring the family. Or avoid your pending deadlines I guess.

Hope to see you there, or here as the case might be.

(PS. With apologies to our UKOUG and OOW colleagues. I'm sure it won't be all that bad at your events too - I wish I could come ;)

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