Thursday, 19 April 2007

The future of JSF continued

For those who are interested in the future of JSF, and by inference ADF Faces and JDeveloper, the debate continues on the upcoming JavaServer Faces 2.0 spec beyond Ed Burn's original blog post. More links to the JSF 2.0 debate across several sites can be found from the JSR draft. You'll note Oracle's staff are watching some of the threads with Adam Winer from Oracle giving input on thread.

Why is this interesting? So far in the 1 and a bit years I've been working with JSF through ADF Faces, I can't say I've been immediately aware when there has been a limitation in ADF Faces or alternatively a limitation caused by the JSF spec itself imposed upon ADF Faces. The boundaries appear blurred. Now seeing the 2.0 proposals, a couple of AU$0.01 have dropped and I now realise why some features haven't been well implemented (such as page templates), and where Oracle has excelled (such as themes/skinning, extra components that others wish were in the base spec), among other concepts.

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