Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Blatant advert: Yes, we still do Oracle Forms development and training

Blatant plug for SAGE Computing Services. Avert your eyes now if you're not interested in the advert.

I was again asked today by a fellow Oracle professional, as we at SAGE present and blog on the latest JDeveloper and APEX technologies among others, does that mean we've dropped Oracle Forms development and teaching our Oracle Forms training course in Australia altogether?

Not at all. Oracle Forms is still a primary area of development for us and many of our customers, and our Oracle Forms training course has been updated every version since 4.5 to 10g, and soon to be Oracle Forms 11g. While our staff have interest in newer technologies, Forms will remain a skillset we'll maintain into the future, as Forms is pivotal to the success of our clients.

Our Oracle Forms training course, as long as our other Australian Oracle training courses can be found on our website.

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