Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Another Aussie Oracle blogger - Scott Wesley

Did I already post/tweet/email about Scott and his blog somewhere? I forgot. In the rush up to Oracle Open World, and moving house, I'm losing track big time of what I've done and haven't done. If I turn up to OOW without any pants you'll know why.

Anyhow, Scott Wesley, a fellow SAGE-ite, has taken up the Oracle blog reins, and can be found at Triangle Circle Square. Scott's one of the team's ninja consultants and Oracle trainers, defender of all things Oracle, except JDeveloper it seems, which makes me highly suspicious. Scott's current blog focus is SQL features, which seems oh-so-persistant-store-to-me. However I'm sure the SQL keen among you will enjoy his posts.

For the user groups out there, like much of the SAGE team, Scott is happy to present to your members. Drop us an email to arrange.

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Scott Wesley said...

Thanks Chris,

I do have it in mind create a wider field of view than just esoteric SQL - however like many of us, Conference presentations will have higher priority :-)

That being said, I've noted many post ideas stemming from my paper...