Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Oracle ACE Director of the Year

I had the very pleasent surprise at the end of the ODTUG conference this year to be told that I've won Oracle Magazine's Oracle ACE Director of the Year award for 2009. With out a doubt this is an honour and I'm very appreciative to Oracle Corporation and its staff for this award, and especially to those who were kind enough to nominate me.

I was joking with Grant Ronald a few months back that I received my original ACE Director nomination when my first daughter was born, so was looking forward to becoming the grand-poo-bar when my second arrived. Apparently such flippant remarks become reality.

Thanks to everyone who has sent on their congratz via the other media channels including Twitter, LinkedIn, email and more.

I must also give a very special thanks to my "partner" in crime Jenny who gives her generous support and incredible patience in letting me pursue my Oracle activities. Mind you I've kept my side of the bargain and neither of my children yet know what an Oracle database is.


Tim... said...

Well done! :)



Rohan said...

Congrats Chris. Well deserved

Simon Haslam said...

Well done Chris! BTW I think your kids need to know the fundamentals of processors, memory and storage before getting on to Oracle database design anyway. Don't run before you can walk... though if they're not walking maybe that should come first.

Gareth Llewellyn said...

An official congratulations from Oracle Australia - well done Chris, very well deserved...


bjanko said...

Hi Chris,

Congratulations! keep on doing great job for many people...


Lucas said...

Hi Chris,

I only just found out. Congratulations from "up over" (or do you consider is down under as well?). Your tremendous contributions to the ADF community alone make this distinctive honor well deserved! Keep up the good work. By the way, any plans for further family extensions...;-)


Aino said...

Hi Chris,

Congratulations. Definitely well deserved.


Nathalie Roman said...

Hi Chris,

Congratulations, you've definitly deserved the award with all the effort you're putting into presentations regarding best practices using web services from the ground up, ADF 11G fundamentals, the ADF Enterprise Methodology Group and so much more.

It's hard to keep up with all the interesting stuff your working on!


akhanof said...

Hi Chris,

I have never see you face to face but I have solved many of my ADF problems with your help directly or indirectly and apparently you are the best for Oracle company and Oracle users.