Monday, 29 June 2009

Making JDev just that little faster on WLS

During the ODTUG conference this year Lucas Jellema and myself discovered a little WebLogic Server feature (thanks to a presentation by Chris Bucchere) known as "fast-swap" that may have significant benefits in making the code-deploy-run cycle much shorter with JDeveloper. As usual Lucas is the quickest to the blog punch, and has blogged it here.

Take time to check it out.

If anybody finds any limitations beyond those mentioned in Lucas's post, in particular those relating to JDev and ADF *please*let*us*know* as it will assist the entire JDev community.


Buttso said...

Hey Chris --

What'd you think of the WLS Top Ten Tips presentation in general?

It's something I put together last year for an ODD, which now seems to be doing the rounds in a few conferences. It's also on the OOW developer session list for this year.

I put it together, but I haven't ever delivered it.

So interested if you have any feedback on it in general?

Chris Muir said...

Actually I saw Chris's other presentation "Intro to WLS" - did you do that as well Steve? I missed the top ten tips, too busy chatting to a JDev PM.

How do you feel about presenting said topics at an upcoming AUSOUG event? Drop me an email, Juliana has my address.



Buttso said...

Guess I should know, but when are the AUSOUG conferences, where are they being held this year?


Chris Muir said...

Perth - 10th/11th Nov
Melbourne - 16th/17th Nov