Tuesday, 23 December 2008

1% more productive than 2007

In a slightly odd fashion, this is my 101st post for 2008, exactly 1 more post than the total for 2007. That makes me exactly 1% more productive than last year.  Whoo-boy, it's been hard work ;-)

In 2008 the top 5 pages from my blog:
The 1st post hit just under 4800 unique page views in 2008.

What's overly disturbing is only 1 post out of 5 was written in 2008, the rest 2007. So 1% more productive, but 100 posts of pure dribble.  Oh well, it could be obviously worse by 1.

The top 5 posts for 2008 (excluding 2007 content):
The OID post hit 1700 unique page views, written in January.

Of the above list the stand out post is the JAX-WS page, it has leaped up the ranks with just over 1000 unique page views, and I only wrote it in November.

I'd like to say I'm busy writing 2009 content, but in reality, I'm sitting here with a beer and other somewhat Christmas priorities on my mind.

I'd like to wish all readers and your family and friends a safe and happy Christmas and New Years, and I look forward to doing, um, something with the blog, in 2009!

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