Saturday, 17 March 2007

My most popular JDeveloper pages

Of the 16 posts under my JDeveloper blog since I started a couple months back, the following pages are the top visited:
2 other posts that have low but consistent reads are the following interview articles:
Like a lot of bloggers, it's interesting to see statistics on which articles you write are the most popular. I'm using to keep track of this, as well as how readers actually arrive at my blog pages.

Curiously, and maybe a bit silly of me not to realise this, most accesses to my pages are from Google searches. I was under the mistaken impression that regular JDeveloper blog readers would be the usual cliental, but Google searches account for 75% of the hits on my blog, usually based around pure JSF based searches, not Oracle, ADF Faces, ADF BC or JDeveloper related.

Otherwise the 3 most common methods for readers to get to my blog are from the JDeveloper blog aggregator hosted by the Ric Smith at The Peninsula's Edge (Great work & thanks Ric, and I'm becoming pretty good at spelling Peninsula too!), the Oracle Java newsletter, or the JSF OTN website.

What countries do the majority of queries come from?
  • 24% United States
  • 11% Austria
  • 7% UK
  • 6% Canada
  • 4% Ukraine
  • 3% Spain
  • 3% Columbia
  • 3% Poland
  • 3% Australia
... and so on. The USA being at the top doesn't surprise me. Austria being 2nd does and shows that I don't know something about Austria's IT market. A dismal effort of Australia at 3%, showing that a) I'm probably nearly the only Australian reading my site (is it really that bad?), and b) Australian Oracle developers don't care about JDeveloper or JSF :(..... Maybe I should start mentioning this blog at my presentations.... but that seems a bit ego centric if you ask me.

I'd be curious to know from other JDeveloper bloggers who are keeping statistics, what services are they using to record stats, and what trends are they seeing.


Andrejus Baranovskis said...

Hi Chris,

I'm using Google Analytics ( to record statistics.

I have noticed similar trends like yours - major traffic part comes from Google. However, 75% of Google keywords are related to Oracle/J2EE.


Chris Muir said...

Thanks Andrejus, after a little playing I'm impressed.