Sunday, 4 March 2007

I'm off! I'm off! I'm off to see the wizard of.... um... actually I'm going to the NZOUG conference to present

As a supporter of Oracle user groups, I'd like to quickly blog that I'm off to the New Zealand Oracle User Group (NZOUG) conference 22nd and 23rd March 2007 at the Sky City Convention Centre in Auckland.

This will be my first "international" conference and the NZOUG has been kind enough to accept my double presentation, as well as a second presentation I'll be co-presenting with Penny Cookson from SAGE Computing Services:
  • All you (ever) needed to know about Java - a 2hr Java introduction for the not-so feint-hearted. This presentation is aimed at PL/SQL programmers who want to quickly discover that the Java language isn't really that hard regardless of what moaning you've heard elsewhere.
  • Old Forms programmers never die, they just switch to JDeveloper (aka JDeveloper ADF BC & Faces for Forms dinosaurs) - a co presentation with Penny Cookson showing a comparison of Oracle Forms to JDeveloper's ADF Business Component and ADF Faces.
I'm very much looking forward to presenting in New Zealand as a change from the local AUSOUG events. Hopefully we'll see you in Auckland too. If not, keep in mind the Australian AUSOUG and OAUG conference in Melbourne and Perth in November 2007. It presents a great opportunity to escape those northern hemisphere winters.

[Epilogue] I've also been "recruited" to present in my old-home town Perth while I'm in the vicinity teaching, on Wednesday 7th March for the Western Australian branch of AUSOUG. Always happy to see and present to the Perth crew; Perth is so much more relaxed than just about everywhere else in the world. Hopefully any Perth or Broome readers will take time out to attend:

The DBAs' realm: Deployment of JDev ADF applications to OC4J – JDeveloper ADF applications are becoming all the rage in Oracle development circles, just look at EBS v12 (Forms is dead! Long live Forms! Forms is dead!). But developing an ADF application is different from deploying it for production purposes on OC4J under OAS, and the task moves from the realms of the developer to that of the DBA (the buck has to stop somewhere). DBAs need to have an understanding of how and what JDeveloper does when deploying to OC4J, and what the issues are, rather than leaving it in the hands of those pesky developers. The presentation will include
  • A demo with the Standalone OC4J as a "simplier" OAS environment
  • The JDeveloper ADF Runtime Installer requirement
  • Establishing an App Server connection with JDeveloper
  • A consideration of J2EE archive file types
  • A look at deployment profiles
  • Deployment
  • Running your web app from the OC4J
  • Configuring OC4J database connections
  • A consideration of software dependencies and change control

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