Saturday, 14 November 2009

ADF EMG goes international - UKOUG style

I'm happy to say that the ADF Enterprise Methodology Group is running its first UKOUG presentation this year at their annual technology conference in Birmingham November 30th-December 2nd. This is a pretty exciting development for us, as this will be the first ADF EMG session run outside of the USA!

My colleague in ADF crime Simon Haslam, who organised and ran our OOW sessions this year, invites anybody who is interested in ADF and wants to talk with other users to attend. At OOW we had the rather pleasing experience of several ADF "production" system demonstrations which was pretty cool, and hopefully at the UKOUG we can get some of you to talk about your ADF experiences too.

Unfortunately I'm just on 14590.82kms away (9066.56 miles for our UK friends) and wont be able to make it. If only it was a couple clicks closer, oh, and not across several oceans & continents, and a tad warmer too.

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