Saturday, 10 October 2009

My OOW presentations

If you're heading to OOW and would love to hear my Aussie accent, my sessions are:

SOA Lite: A taste of SOA with a smidgen of Web Services

S312176 - Sunday 13:00 - 14:00 - Moscone West L3 Room 3000

Abstract: Attempting to gorge yourself on a five-course SOA meal may result in a stomachache and a bill you can least afford at the moment. Instead, a quick and easy recipe with some simple Web services ingredients will give your systems that little taste of SOA you so crave. This session describes why Web services may be a better fit for you than SOA, discusses qualities of contemporary Web services and what skills to focus on when starting out with Web services, and presents a few hints and tips from the Web service trenches.

Oracle JDeveloper 11g JAX-WS Web Services: As easy as 1-2-3: XSD, WSDL, Generate!

307476 - Tuesday 17:30 - 18:30 - Hilton Hotel - Golden Gate 8

Abstract: Web services used to be hard. Creating XML schemas, long-winded Web Services Description Language (WSDL) code, and back-end Java code took much effort. Today Oracle JDeveloper 11g enables developers to visually design both the schemas and WSDL code by drag and drop and generate Web services based on both of these with the latest Java EE JAX-WS/JAXB Web service standards with just a few clicks. Finally programmers can get back to thinking about the programming problem they need to solve without wasting time setting up the Web service artifacts, which can be tedious, error-prone, and very repetitive. Learn more in this session.

In addition we have three ADF Enterprise Methodology Group sessions, one an official session and the other two part of the Unconference:

Oracle ADF Enterprise Methodology Group

312516 - Sunday 10:30 - 11:30 - Moscone West L3 - Room 3014
+ double session Wednesday 13:00 - 15:00 - Moscone West Floor 3 Overlook 1

Abstract: Although Oracle provides leading-edge software to build enterprise applications, there’s more to creating productive teams and delivering successful projects than just the tools. The Oracle ADF Enterprise Methodology Group, formed by Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) practitioners around the world to fill that gap, considers wider issues such as best practices, maximizing code reuse, optimizing teamwork, and more. In this session, Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF experts, including Oracle staff and Oracle ACEs, talk about such high-level Oracle ADF considerations. The Oracle ADF Enterprise Methodology Group is meeting at Oracle OpenWorld under the banner of the ODTUG Fusion Middleware SIG for 2009.

I hope to see you at OOW!


gilad bilia said...

Hi chris .
A reminder regarding the article you mentioned in "SOA Lite: A taste of SOA with a smidgen of Web Services" regarding diffrent kind of files (text ,binary etc..) ant the ratio between data & metadata .
Thanks gilad .

Chris Muir said...

Hi Gilad

Nice to meet you at OOW, and thanks for reminding me. I've just arrived back home and will search out the link in the next few days. I'll post the link here so you'll receive an update through the Blogger comments system.



Chris Muir said...

Hi Gilad

I've searched high and low and can't find that link with my apologies. I'll continue to look for it and will post here when I do.