Tuesday, 26 May 2009

JDeveloper next version - new features sneak preview

Jakub Pawlowski has spotted the beta documentation for the next release of JDev, great work Jakub. Best to check it out now, as the URL indicates this is a beta release and the URL may not be there for long.

As Jakub has pointed out, there's a great new calendar component arriving. I remember asking for something like this a year or so ago, and the Oracle Gods have delivered. Great work :-)

Some other things I spotted from a quick scan:

1) Dashboard component

2) Hierarchy Viewer

3) ADF BC - Integrating Service-Enabled Application Modules

4) Whole new manual Desktop Integration Developer's Guide

5) Manual for potentially a new product Oracle Help (at least I hadn't heard of it before)

...and so on... it's worth a stroll through the documentation to check out new features. I'd appreciate if you find any more, to post them as a comment on this blog post please.


Laurent Schneider said...

worth saving the pdf then ;-)

Chris Muir said...

Good point.

Looks like the links are gone now so we'll have to wait to the real release.


Chris Muir said...

Of course as some have pointed out, Google cache will be handy in retrieving the old stuff ;-)


Chris Muir said...

It's been pointed out to me however that the pdfs have a fairly strict "not-for-public-disclosure" message in the copyright page with the usual threatening legalize. As such I recommend anyone who doesn't want to feel the wraith of Oracle, best delete those pdfs and rely on Google Cache.