Thursday, 5 March 2009

Join 180 members of the ADF Enterprise Methodology Group (+ minor name change)

Just a small note for the millions of my readers (hi Mum!) who care about such, that the ADF Methodology group (that's group with a lower g) has been renamed the ADF Enterprise Methodology Group (that's group with an upper G) to better reflect, um, well if you're really interested it's documented here.

(It would be appreciated if Oracle employee's in charge of websites and similar that link to the original group could update any link names please)

For those who'd like to know more about the group, following is a little marketing spin to drag you in:

You can easily tell when a tool has matured to being a productive environment. Software developers move from playing and learning features, to supporting production systems and discussing best practices and development methodologies to ensure the success of their next project.

The ADF Enterprise Methodology Group is such a place for community discussions based around JDeveloper best practices and methodologies for ADF Enterprise development. On a day by day bases ADF "experts" (that's anyone that knows what ADF stands for ;-) chat about high level ADF concepts, beyond the how-do-I-get-it-to-work posts on the OTN JDeveloper Forums.

If you'd like to discuss best practices, steps and processes for a successful ADF project, please join us at:

We look forward to talking to you on the group soon.

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