Monday, 12 January 2009

JDev 11g Business Component Browser new feature

Following is a little new feature in JDeveloper 11g, well, at least I think it's new as it was added to one of the Technical Preview releases, then removed, then, um, well I lost track.  So let's assume it's a new feature and leave it at that.  It wasn't in 10.1.3 if that's any help.


This new feature can be found in the Business Component Browser.

As you know, from an ADF Business Component's Application Module you can create custom methods such as my distinctively complex someMethod() example below:

And within the Application Module editor's Java tab, you may expose the method to the UI layer via the Client Interface group:

Previously if you wanted to test this method you would have to create a JSF web page or similar with the appropriate bindings.

In JDeveloper 11g you can now test this by opening the Business Components Browser (right click your Application Module in the Application Navigator and select Run), then in the BCB double click your Application Module.  This reveals a neat little tester tool for calling your custom method and seeing the results:

I think I remember in one of the TP releases it was also possible to do this at the VO level in the BCB, but I can't see how to do it in 11g production.  If it's not there hopefully it'll return in a later release.

Pretty soon the BCB will replace ADF Faces RC as the GUI of choice ;-)

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Steve Muench said...

A later release will show method argument names and support VO-level and VORow-level custom methods, too.